Romans Field School Curriculum Statement 2019 to 2020

Curriculum Intent – Building and Growing

At Romans Field School the curriculum is designed to provide a broad and balanced curriculum that provides our pupils with first hand, highly engaging and memorable learning opportunities. These opportunities support children in developing a love of learning, builds resilience and enables them to become creative and inquisitive learners whilst addressing their specific needs.

Pupils will develop appropriate knowledge, transferable skills and understanding through the teaching of reading, writing and mathematical skills, knowledge, concepts and values and through opportunities to develop creatively, physically, socially and emotionally.

We provide enrichment opportunities to engage the pupils in their learning to develop their thirst for new experiences and knowledge. We use experiential learning within our community to broaden the children’s experiences and to enable them to apply their skills and knowledge. We encourage the involvement of parents and carers to support their child’s learning.

The curriculum enables the children to be well prepared for the next stage of their learning journey by developing confidence and the skills to make decisions, become life-long learners, to be well prepared for their future challenges and to become responsible citizens.


The curriculum is organised around the four main areas of learning to ensure that we provide children with all the statutory requirements as set out by the National Curriculum (2014). Information and guidance on the National Curriculum is located here:

For more information on our curriculum areas click on the picture:



We teach phonics using Read Write Inc.

Exam and assessment results

At Romans Field School, there is an expectation that SATs will take place in Year 2 and Year 6. Many of the pupils who attend Romans Field have experienced significant gaps in their educational life therefore this is an important time for them to celebrate their learning in what is a very challenging time. In 2015 we saw the first cohort of pupils for a number of years taking the SATs with 100% attendance.

The year 6 cohort (2019) was the biggest in the school’s history, for those pupils that it was appropriate 100% of pupils completed the examinations this was a tremendous achievement. The results have reinforced this achievement, with the best results the school has ever received.






(6) 100% WTS

(6) 86% WTS

(1) 14% ARE

(11) 73% WTS

(4) 27% ARE

Writing (TA)

(6) 100% WTS

(6) 86% WTS

(1) 14% GD

(1) 6% PKS

(16) 94% WTS



(6) 86% WTS

(1) 14% ARE

(13) 87% WTS

(2) 13% ARE


(6) 100% WTS

(6) 86% WTS

(1) 14% ARE

(15) 100% WTS


Information about the latest KS2 attainment and progress measures can be found on the Department for Education website (*2 Children did not sit the KS2 SATs 1 was disapplied due to the nature of need and the other was not attending.)