Thank you for your interest in Romans Field School and a warm welcome from everyone connected with the school. 

I am very proud and privileged to be Headteacher of Romans Field School at this exciting time in its development as we undergo a number of positive changes.

Romans Field School is a small school for children aged 5 to 11 with social, emotional, mental health and behavioural difficulties.

The school serves the wider Milton Keynes area but also educates children from Northamptonshire, Luton, Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire.

The most important priority for the school is to provide the highest quality education for every child within a safe, caring and orderly environment. To this end we are committed to meeting the individual academic, personal and social needs of children by working in partnership with parents and carers and by providing a wealth of experience and opportunities to encourage every child to achieve their full potential, be confident, responsible, independent and well educated individuals able to fulfil positive role models in society and to have a successful future. We have high aspirations for our children with many having been transferred back to mainstream education.

Everyone at Romans Field School makes every effort to provide each child with the necessary care and support so they feel safe, happy and can be successful.

We aim to provide exciting and challenging learning experiences which encourage pupils to learn, want to learn and to be independent learners – children who can think for themselves, express themselves easily and function in a wide variety of environments. In order to do this we have created a positive ethos which is focused on raising our pupils self-esteem through reward and recognition on the basis that the more successful you feel, the more successful you will be. We involve our pupils in the decision making process of the school through the School Council and by having pupils present whenever we are interviewing for new staff. Pupils also take responsibility on a day to day basis through their receptionist role.

I trust the information on our website is of interest to you. If you require any further information or assistance please contact us and we will be happy to help.


Dr D Elleman