At Romans Field School we value reading as a key life skill, and are dedicated to enabling our children to become lifelong readers. We believe reading is key for academic success and so to ensure we have a holistic approach to the teaching of reading, we implement a range of opprtuinties for reading across the currciulum and reading for pleasure. The children read books from the Oxford Reading Tree scheme, alongside an online programme called Oxford Reading Buddies, which are supplemented by a wide range of additioanal texts the children are able to access or class texts which the children have read to them by theclass teams.There are many ways in which we encourage reading at Romans Field please click the book to find out more.  







To support early reading and spelling development, where appropriate, children will either be taught using the Read Write Inc scheme or for our pre-communicative/ASD group the children will follow a combination of Letters and Sounds and Jolly phonics.



At Romans Field School, we greatly value the role of families in extending the reading taking place in school and believe this to be an important partnership. Children take home a reading book or have a log in for Oxford Reading Buddies and are expected to read at least four times each week. When reading at home to or with family members it is important that the children have opportunities to discuss the books, magazines, comics etc that they have been reading in order to develop effective comprehension skills. Children who read week at home, will receive a raffle ticket, the more the read the more tickets they will receive. Tickets are placed in the class reading raffle box and every 3 weeks one name will be picked from the class box. These children be able to pick a book the prize book box of their choice. One winner a term will be chosen at random and will have the opportunity to visit Waterstones and choose a book of their choice.




At Romans Field we aim to create a love of learning and believe that the more we read and share books with our children the better readers they will become and this will have a huge impact upon their life-long learning. ‘Reading books with children is a great way to spend family time. Research shows that exploring books can have lots of benefits for kids, and it's also just fantastic family fun.’ - The Books Trust.

As a school we know that for some families reading with their children can be difficult and we are more than willing to help or support families to develop these skills. ‘The Books Trust’ have a range of helpful hints and tips to support families with reading at home. Click here to find more about their helpful guides.

The Books Trust also have a helpful section to support book choice for children of all ages, just click on the picture below and it will take you to their book choice page.





As a school we are pleased to be part of an exciting project which provides staff and children the opportunity to work alongside some great authors as part of the POP UP Festival of Books - A national children’s literature festival for schools celebrating reading & inspiring writing. To find out more click the picture below.






The Pop-Up Hub also have an area where you can find more books to explore with your children. Click the picture below to find that next exciting read.